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With a wide range of brands available, Airtech can help you to select and expertly install the heat pump that is right for your room(s) and situation. Try our heat pump calculator or get in touch with us for a quick quote.


Whether your new or existing building needs air conditioning, electrical work, communications systems, automation, a regular maintenance programme, or more, Airtech offers a wide range of commercial building services. Read more about what we offer at this site or contact us today.


Airtech's experienced and professional electrical team perform a wide range of electrical services for commercial buildings, including design and installation of full electrical systems, lighting, nurse call systems and thermal imaging. Read more to discover what we have to offer.


Sheet Metal

With the majority of air conditioning projects requiring specialised sheet metal work, we manufacture sheet metal to engineering or consultant design requirements in-house, providing the advantages of quality control and consistency of workmanship.

Sheet Metal

Building Automation

We can provide your new building or refit project with our cutting-edge building automation and control systems. Maximise the operational efficiency of your building and save energy and money with our range of system options.


Hi Wall Premier

Product Name - AIR12345



7.1Kw Cooling Capacity
8.0Kw Heating Capacity
8.0Kw Cooling Capacity
9.0Kw Heating Capacity
9.4Kw Cooling Capacity
10.0Kw Heating Capacity

Significantly higher energy efficiency has been achieved with Fujitsu’s DC twin rotary compressor, DC Inverter control and DC fan motor technologies. This gives infinite control over motion speeds.


These smart looking models pack a punch with very powerful performance and are still super energy efficient. In fact, they will heat large areas effortlessly yet give you the quietness, energy savings and extra features you’d expect from Fujitsu.

Please enquire on price and availability.

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