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Sheet Metal

With the majority of air conditioning projects requiring specialised sheet metal work, we manufacture sheet metal to engineering or consultant design requirements in-house, providing the advantages of quality control and consistency of workmanship.

Sheet Metal


Airtech's experienced and professional electrical team perform a wide range of electrical services for commercial buildings, including design and installation of full electrical systems, lighting, nurse call systems and thermal imaging. Read more to discover what we have to offer.



Whether your new or existing building needs air conditioning, electrical work, communications systems, automation, a regular maintenance programme, or more, Airtech offers a wide range of commercial building services. Read more about what we offer at this site or contact us today.

Building Automation

We can provide your new building or refit project with our cutting-edge building automation and control systems. Maximise the operational efficiency of your building and save energy and money with our range of system options.



With a wide range of brands available, Airtech can help you to select and expertly install the heat pump that is right for your room(s) and situation. Try our heat pump calculator or get in touch with us for a quick quote.

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Airtech NZ Limited service plans are designed to protect your investment and ensure that the systems continue to perform to the original intent of the design. We have a strong belief in the role of routine maintenance and have put together an affordable programme to keep our clients systems running in a safe and energy efficient manner.

We offer customised service plans to ensure compliance with the Building Act, reduce unplanned downtime and maintain occupancy comfort.

Plans are based on predictive techniques as opposed to reactive measures. This philosophy allows for predetermined shut down of plant at a convenient time to instigate pre-emptive repairs, as opposed to unplanned downtime and disruption. The reactive approach usually results in higher costs and greater productivity loss.

Our Service Agreements are open ended, which means the client is not locked in to lengthy terms, and the contract is automatically renewed at current rates and subject to short notice of cancellation.

Options are provided to allow for minor repairs to be carried out based on a pre-approved level of authority. This avoids the owner or occupier having to deal with minor issues and in some cases can head off worsening or major problems that might occur due to approval delays. Cost reductions also result due to the fact a service technician is already on site and can immediately attend to the problem.

Our Service Programme covers:

  • Control and Building Management Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Generators
  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Electrical wiring and associated systems

24 hour coverage and IQP Certification is afforded to all installation covered by our service plans, at no additional cost beyond the service contract.

Asset Management


Our Asset Management programme is a systematic process of operating, maintaining and upgrading assets cost effectiveness to achieve the greatest return on investment.

Asset Management identifies:

  • The asset locations – single or multiple sites or on a floor by floor basis.
  • The plant condition, service frequency and repair history.
  • The life cycle cost of the asset and allows benchmarking against similar plant.
  • The best way to optimise the economical life of plant.

How We Do It

Airtech prepares an inventory of plant for the site by location and type. A maintenance schedule is prepared for each piece of plant. Each piece is assigned a unique asset number and repair costs are recorded against the asset number.

Airtech reports monthly to the client on the expenditure for each asset.

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